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Weston Favell Primary School

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 As we all know, regular school attendance helps children achieve their full potential and gives them a better chance in life. At WFPS, we are committed to working in partnership with parents to ensure the best possible attendance for all children.  

We fully appreciate that children are occasionally unwell. In this case, please contact the school office by 8.50am via email to or telephone: 01604 410547. 

Our Attendance Team monitor children’s attendance across the whole school with the aim being for every child to reach the government target of 96% attendance. Where attendance falls below 96%, parents and carers will be notified. 

Please be aware that, as from April 2023, WFPS will be notifying the Local Authority to issue a fixed penalty notice to parents if a child has 10 sessions of absence (a school day is 2 sessions, morning and afternoon) recorded as unauthorised in a 6-week period. This includes absences due to the following:  

  • Any absence marked in the register as unauthorised  
  • Persistent late arrival at school after the register has been taken and is recorded as an unauthorised absence  
  • An absence in term time* which has not been authorised by the headteacher. The government has directed that headteachers may only authorise absence in exceptional circumstances.   

* In exceptional circumstances we understand that absence in term is required. Any absence should be requested by completing the Leave of Absence form found on this page.  

Please refer to the documents on this page for further details of our attendance procedures. 


The playground gates open at 8.35 and your child is expected to enter school no later than 8.45am. As lessons start promptly once the children are in school, it is important that they are not late. 

5 minutes late a day = 3 days lost per year 

10 minutes late a day= 6 days lost per year 

15 minutes late a day= 10 days lost per year 

30 minutes late per year =19 days lost per year 


School Day Timings

Start Time 8.45am 

Finish Time  3.15pm 

The total hours provided in a typical week is 32.5. 

Attendance & Absence