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Message from Revd Canon Beverley Hollins

Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life.

Proverbs 22.6 (GNB)

I loved my primary school. I know that some people have less rosy memories of education in their early years, and that makes me sad. I was blessed to go to a school where the learning standards were high, where there were great facilities and plenty of interesting extra-curricular opportunities, and where the pastoral care was outstanding. I’m still in touch with my year 6 teacher – she’s well into her nineties now!

It is my hope and prayer that anyone who goes to Weston Favell CE Primary School will have the same positive memories of school that I have – and there is every reason why they should, since Weston Favell CE Primary School shares all the same excellent qualities that my old school had. Perhaps like me they remember the catch-phrase from church led assemblies. Today I hope they’ll be remembering our call and response – ‘God is good – all the time! All the time – God is good!’

One of the most important instructions in the bible is to make sure that we teach our children to live well. It means knowing about faith, and importantly how to make sense of the values that come with faith in everyday life. It’s no good being taught that God made the world and we are its stewards if we don’t think hard about how to care for creation, for example. Our school is brilliant at bringing the values of faith together with real life, and St Peter’s looks to support this in things we offer as well as our prayer and care for our school.

For us at St Peter’s, we’re here to support the staff and the children, parents and friends through assemblies, lessons and activities (like prayer spaces or ‘Experience Easter’) in school, visits, services and activities in church, and sharing in projects like Harvest collections. I’m very excited about the links we are making with a school in Seoul, which will become a very special partner. I’m also excited about bringing the church crib service into the school hall, which is just as an important place for us to be as St Peter’s.

As a church school, Weston Favell CE Primary School has a partner and friend in St Peter’s in helping make sure that our children learn in a loving, creative and safe environment, which I hope they will remember fondly all their lives.

Revd Canon Beverley Hollins


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