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Ekins Trust

Ekins Trust - The Charity of Hervey and Elizabeth Ekins

The Ekins Charity was founded in 1705 by Hervey and Elizabeth Ekins in memory of their daughter Gertrude who died aged 15. The family lived in the Manor House in the old village and gave the charity some of their farmland to provide it with an income to educate poor children in accordance with doctrines of the Church of England. In 1707 a schoolhouse on the Wellingborough Road close to the present school opened and the first children were taught there by the the schoolmaster who was paid two shillings and sixpence a week, twelve and a half p. in present day money. Since then the charity has provided a Church of England School in Weston Favell and supported education in a variety of ways. The original school opposite the Trumpet closed in 1914 and the children moved to a new school in Church Way on the other side of the Wellingborough Road. Then in 2006 the school moved once more over the Wellingborough Road to the present building.

From its foundation the charity has continuously supported the education of young people living in the areas of benefit, that is the Borough of Northampton and the Parish of Great Doddington. Under the current terms of the charity preference is for those who live in the Ecclesiastical Parishes of St Peter, Weston Favell, St Peter and St Paul , Abington and Emmanuel Church, Northampton. The link to the Church of England has not changed, but the style of support has. Weston Favell Primary School is the School of the Charity and funds are provided in support of its work. Assistance is also given to the three churches for three parishes for their educational work and to other parish churches in Northampton and Great Doddington. Grants are also made to individual children and young people, where there is a financial need, for university and college education, for educational visits and for other aspects of education and training. Access to universal education since Hervey and Elizabeth Ekins founded the memorial to their daughter has progressed to a level that they must have considered impossible. But, the charity's support for individuals to benefit from learning has not. It continues as active in the 21st century as was intended 300 years ago.

Applications for individual grants should be made to the charity using the following linkApply For Grant Applications for residential trips should be made at least 12 months in advance.