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Weston Favell Primary School

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Our science curriculum is knowledge-rich and inspires pupils to develop a fascination for, and a deep understanding of, the world around them.

It is our intention that through our science curriculum, learners will:

  • Acquire a broad range of scientific knowledge, consolidated through practical scientific enquiry and enrichment.
  • Learn how science affects their everyday lives and develop a sense of responsibility for the world today and in the future.
  • Make meaningful connections in their learning between subjects and the wider world, understanding how skills in other subjects can support learning in science.
  • See themselves as scientists and understand the role of a science in our society.
  • Use the scientific knowledge that they acquire during their primary phase to influence and guide their choices in the future.
  • Have the necessary knowledge and skill set to confidently access the secondary curriculum and beyond.


At Weston Favell, we teach an ambitious, high-quality science curriculum which is carefully constructed to ensure children develop a solid understanding of scientific concepts and knowledge.

Science is taught through six high-dividend concepts:

  • Energy
  • Forces
  • Matter
  • Earth and Space
  • Life
  • Evolution


By the end of Key Stage 2, children have a secure understanding of scientific concepts and knowledge related to the six high-dividend concepts and be able to make meaningful links between their science learning and the wider curriculum.  Children will have well-developed enquiry and investigative skills which enable them to think critically, ask questions, evaluate evidence and draw relevant conclusions.  Children will understand how science affects their everyday lives and will have developed a sense of responsibility for the world.