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Message from Rev David Kirby

Church and School Links


Mobile phones are amazing things. Nowadays we carry in our pockets more technology than sent men to the moon or recorded, for example, the Beatles records. We also take photographs, a record of where we are and what we are doing. As if by magic the things that I photograph then turn up on my computer!

I wonder what images I would find if I photographed everything that would be tagged WFPSStPeters?.

Obviously, there would be pictures of the formal links, Full Governor Meetings and Committees. We have a great set of ‘Foundation’ Governors’, the ones who represent St Peter’s and other local churches.

Then there would be a set of photos of Church members listening to children reading. When I sign in to visit school at the Office there always seem to be names I know from church in the book. And then, there are the ones of the people who help with school clubs.

There would be no end of photographs of Experience Christmas and Experience Easter when we offer the opportunity for the children and staff to get right into the stories of Christmas and Easter. It is a privilege to welcome other NPAT schools to these too. The photographs are still images so maybe we should add some recordings of the conversations we have on these occasions to our ‘album’.

Every Tuesday one of the team from St Peter’s, both ordained and lay, take the Collective Worship - lots of pictures from this, singing, listening, reflecting, doing, praying. In the week I am writing this everyone was using sign language to tell the Parable of the Lost Coin.

There would be random snapshots of encounters in Aldi (and other places) where one of our children says to me ‘Hello!’. Usually I am not wearing a dog collar in Aldi so the parent or grandparent looks at me wondering who I am. One of our Church team who take the weekly worship was in Aldi and saw a child looking at him. Said child eventually approached him and said ‘You that man who tells brilliant stories about Jesus in assemblies!’ Similarly people I don’t recognise specifically often greet me, I think for a moment ‘Remind me’ I ask. ‘Just a parent.’ There is no such thing as ‘Just a parent’, it’s a really important thing to be.

On the day I am writing this we had our monthly family service in Church, there would be photos of lots of school children and families who are very much part of that community as well as those week by week at our services. Interestingly there would be some from our 8am service too. I guess if your children are awake early…

Some of our special photos would be from our Prayer Spaces (also shared with our partner NPAT schools). It’s amazing and humbling to watch the children engage with the reflections there, ‘Hopes and Dreams’, ‘Big Questions’, ‘Butterflies’, ‘Homelessness’, ‘Friendship Foundations’ among many.

Turning over another page in the album we find the times that we work together supporting the wider community with the FoodBank and Baby Basics among others.

We have a great time welcoming everyone to services for the Church Festivals, Christmas, Easter, Harvest and Leavers Services. We would need a very wide camera lens to fit everybody in.

And then Church visits for lots of classes, linked with the RE syllabus.

Finally there would be a whole lot of photographs from our Tiny Tots, toddlers, parents and carers every Wednesday in term time, recording them at Tots and then growing to see them in Reception Key Stage 1 and beyond. It’s an absolute joy for me.

So. Tomorrow is a new week my phone is in my pocket. Who knows what pictures I might take?