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We took part in Sing 2 G7

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What is Sing2G7?

  • 'Gee Seven'
  • Gee Seven is a toe-tapping new song created by Sir Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs for Sing2G7 to sing with the world.
  • Through the Sing2G7 project, over 27,000 young voices in 31 countries joined to sing to G7 leaders about issues such as Climate Change, Poverty and Covid.
  • Sing2G7 is an apolitical international engagement programme with a vision to enable children to raise their voices in song and be heard by world leaders.
  • Sing2G7 was conceived and is run by a tiny team of volunteers with the support of creative professionals and partners including Truro Cathedral and Truro School.
  • Children in school were taught the song and we were able to perform this live with 14 other schools from across the world – we also sent our recording which was played to the leaders of the G7.
  • BBC Radio Northampton’s breakfast show host heard about the project and contacted us – he came into school to interview children and Mrs Rich. Please listen to the clips from the interview on the next slide.

Recordings from our children being interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton.

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