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When you think about who runs a school, the Headteacher and senior members of staff come instantly to mind. And quite rightly. However, behind the scenes is a governing body responsible for making key decisions such as setting the budget and monitoring its expenditure, overseeing all aspects of the curriculum, and, here at Weston Favell Church of England Primary School, employing the staff. Ours is a strategic role: we take an overview of the school and all it does; monitoring, supporting, and acting as a critical friend.

We are involved in all matters relating to the successful development of the school, and our committees meet regularly to plan and discuss matters relating to finance, curriculum and the premises. We play a major part in developing and approving all key policies, supporting and assisting with the communication between the school and the body or group who nominated or elected us, and the local community. In a strategic role a Governing Body is not involved in the nuts and bolts, day to day running of the school.

That job is done by our experts, highly trained and qualified educators - the teachers. However, in amongst the work we undertake at committee meetings, and full governing body meetings, you will find us at school events and parents evenings, clearly labelled, enquiring how your children are getting on, and what you feel about the school, so we get an accurate, overall picture of how things are. There are 18 of us altogether, 15 being volunteers from different professional backgrounds and 3 staff governors:


Richard Pestell
John Fazackerley
Susan Parkinson
Camilla Fazackerley

Staff Governors

Jill Ramshaw (Headteacher)
Louise Edwards (Teacher)
Winnie Mitchell (Support Staff)

Foundation Governor – Ekins Trust

Sue Cross

Foundation Governors

John Fazackerley (Chair)
Rosemary Pestell
Louise Whaites
Christine Dodson (Vice Chair)
Dr Peter Halstead
Sue Alcock
Dr Lucy Dunlop

Parent Governors

Anna Williams
Matthew Evans

Community Governor


Trustees Report and Financial Statement 31st August 2017

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-19

WFPS Governor Committee Membership & Roles 2018-19

Governor Attendance 2016 -2017


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