Our Curriculum

You may have read recently that the Government is making changes to the national curriculum taught in schools as well as to the tests undertaken at the end of the Key Stages (although testing is likely to remain the same until 2016). More information on this can be found on GOV.UK website and, obviously, the curriculum at Weston Favell CE Primary School has been changed to reflect these changes. We are extremely proud of our exciting curriculum, appreciating that we all learn best when we are enjoying the learning experience and having fun! Throughout our school the curriculum takes on a thematic learning approach where skills and knowledge within one subject can be linked to another as we understand that this develops the children’s ability to use and apply knowledge and skills in different contexts. Our curriculum also includes developing the children’s awareness of ways to keep themselves safe, for example, e-safety, stranger danger, fire and water safety. In Religious Education we teach the Northampton SACRE scheme of work.

As a school we are committed to providing enrichment opportunities for all of our children. This is through a variety of trips, visitors into schools, sporting festivals and competitions, themed days, music events and events planned across the NPAT Partnership group these enable our curriculum to come alive for our children. Throughout their time in Key Stage 2 children have the opportunity to take part in two residential visits. These trips are highly successful and are enjoyed immensely by all, allowing the children to travel further away from home and to develop their independence whilst feeling safe and secure with their friends and familiar adults.

Our curriculum was graded as ‘outstanding’ at our last inspection in October 2014.

Please download the curriculum maps for each school year below.

Reading and Phonics

At Weston Favell we are passionate about encouraging a love of reading in our children. We actively promote reading at home and within school. We have enthusiastic librarians from Years 4-6 who encourage children throughout the school to use our themed libraries during lunchtimes and each class has a timetabled session in one of our libraries. Our school won the Northampton Libraries’ Award for the most children to complete the Northamptonshire Summer Reading Challenge in Summer 2014.

We teach phonics based on the structured programme of Sounds-Write. This is a developmental phonics scheme and all of our staff have received 4 days training to enable them to teach this effectively throughout the school. We hold parent events to support the teaching of reading and spelling. We provide our children with a broad range of texts which includes graded reading books, as well as children’s newspapers and a wide range of ‘free’ readers. The class teachers carefully track the progress of children to ensure that they make good progress and can apply their knowledge to their lessons Year 1 children take part in the phonics screening check in June in accordance with Government Guidance.

Phonics lessons are taught on a daily basis in Early Years and KS1. In KS2 spelling is taught weekly and reinforced in children’s written work.


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